save the comet

On a beautiful October day, my sister took a drive in her 1964 Mercury Comet convertible. It was a sunny afternoon, so the top was down. Only a little over a mile from the house, fate took a turn and so did her car which in the blink of an eye was overturned. The car was upside down with her pinned inside the passenger compartment – miraculously alive and relatively unhurt despite the fact that she and her car had just flipped upside down on the pavement.

As her scrapes and bruises heal, her physical reminders of this miraculous day will fade, but her baby—her Comet is not going to heal itself. This car was more than a car to her and I know she is going to do everything she can to restore it to its original glory.

Many of you know Ashley and know how much this car means to her. If you are feeling generous and wish to help bring some joy back into her life, please click on a button to the right and make a donation toward the "save the comet" fund.

Thanks so much and have a blessed day.



If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to SOUL SURFER and mail to 24 W Walnut Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018.

If donations exceed the amount needed to restore the Comet, the additional funds will be donated to the local police and fire departments that responded to the accident.